Postgraduate Travel Scholarships

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Mac Robertson, David Fleming-Brown and Jim Gatheral Postgraduate Travel Scholarships

**Please note that travel scholarships are currently on hold**

PGR Travel Scholarships - Information for Applicants 2020

Application Form

Award details and eligibility summary

Travel Scholarship

Award Amount   



PhD Academic DisciplineLength of trip
David Fleming-Brown £400-500          North America

All N/A
Mac Robertson <£4000  Worldwide

All 2-12 months
Jim Gatheral <£4000  Worldwide

Mathematical modelling 

2-12 months


The Postgraduate Travel Scholarships do not cover:

  • conference attendance (although you may attend relevant conferences during your stay)
  • tuition fees or routine living expenses (other than those incurred on placement) 
  • students returning to their home country for their placement, unless clear evidence is provided to show that the placement would add significantly to their technical expertise (for example, because the home country leads study in the field)
  • equipment purchase
  • travel insurance (you can access this via the University free of charge)


Each award holder will be required to produce a report on their studies under the scholarship. The purpose of these reports is to show how the scholarship has enhanced the scholars' research experience and provide our donors with information regarding how their bequest is being used.  

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