Welcome to the University of Glasgow JourneyShare system!

Here you can look for a travel partner to share journeys

  • by car;
  • by bicycle;
  • by taxi;
  • on foot.

The system is part of SPT JourneyShare and the liftshare network. 
Liftshare is the largest car-share network in the UK.

Why journey sharing?

Sharing a car can save money for both parties, the person that offers a lift and the person that is looking for a lift. It can also help to reduce the number of cars on the road and therefore has a positive effect on the local air quality and decreases congestion.

Why sharing non-car journeys ?

Sharing a journey on foot, by bicycle or public transport is not only the right thing for those who like a chat in the morning and some company, but has also the potential to support new users of these travel modes, to help them to find the best way, feel safer, and in the case of public transport, take advantage of the discounts offered with group tickets.

Register your trips!

This database will however only be of benefit, if you keep registering your trips! Regardless of whether it is your daily commute or the trip you do only once for a business meeting register it! Also, whenever you go somewhere, check if someone else is going there too!


Click here to register now!